Dec 2, 2009

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So Much toThink in My Head


a lil bit stress rite now...gotta think of a lot of think. So much think stuck in my much to be done, so much to be settled in a short time, so much to be remembered, so much of everything...huh...kinda tired rite now..hahaha.

There's a lot of thing will happen in this week, next week, next 2 week...and i have to think of all that 4 sure..feel very lazy..=p

now i have 2 focus my head for the upcoming test & assessment...
  • English test maybe next week
  • Islamic Studies wednesday
  • Thinking Skills test...maybe next week also
  • Programming test...heard of it but dun know when
  • Caklempong Assessment...this coming saturday

at the same time have to think about
  • english project and project presentation...done nothing yet
  • islamic studies project presentation...waiting for the group arrangement
  • some outside activity with my friends....maybe i can't attend it...
  • trimester 2 weeks..16-20 december
  • foundation wednesday...9 december
  • lab essay...still need to do a lot
  • english homework...huh...i hate handwritten homework.

Now, i don't have much time left and i become great...hehe..even now i'm blogging..REALLY GREAT!!!! when i can finish all the work????

O God, please give me the strength and tranquility to finish all the work in proper way...Aminnn...
Rabbi Yassir wala Tuassir....


QistinaNafisahIman. said... [Reply to comment]

it's okay. do it slowly. one by one.

p/s: ana dah best dah. dah habis presentation IS. haha. ;p

ainazirah said... [Reply to comment]


btw, all the best

Ruhul Jadid (روح الجديد) said... [Reply to comment]


da present k...
mna aci camnie...


caklempong tue ala2 gamelan gk...
neway...wish me luck..=p