May 5, 2009

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Tag Berikut dan Seterusnya

Name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don't read the questions until you write the names of the 5 people.No cheating please!

1. Mat Yan
2. Badru At-Tamam
3. Cik Ika (sebab dy bg ak tag nie..haha)
4. Ustaz Ariff
5. Wawan

Reminder : Don't read ahead unless you fill above names first!

Question 1 : How do you meet 1?
our school..kolej islam sultan alam shah...

Question 2 : On the Scale of 1 - 10, how you rate your relationship with no 1?
perfect ten (ye ek..ntah)...we're kamceng's friend...

Question 3 : How long have you known 4?
just know him in Republic of 1991....raja sengal a.k.a ustaz
*amat suke merapu*

Question 4 : How do you know number 3?
i just knew her too...she's fun!
*amat kuat spam bersama ak ngan ustaz*

Question 5 : Where 5?
Wawan? well he probably playing bowling right now with Amir(my 'blok'mate) & Afiq (roomate)....
*pi KL x ajak aku!!!*

Question 6 : A Fact about number 1?
Dia sengal, dy boss ak (Presiden MMU), dy sekepala ngan ak layan Kamen Rider (dy yg ajar ak tgk Kamen Rider sbnrnye), dll

Question 7 : Who is no 4 going out with?
I dun really know...ty laa dy...

Question 8 : What does no 1 do for living?
Right now dy jadi Jaga di rumah barunya di tepi hutan...

Question 9 : Would you live with number 3?
lol...not's rely on my fate..

Question 10 : What do you like about no 2?
my old buddies...he's kind & responsible (TKU SMKASAS 2008)

Question 11 : Do you miss number 5?
yeah...he's my friend & classmate (duk sebelah aku)

Question 12 : Would you make out with number 4?
wut is dat mean....not answering too..

Question 13 : What's your opinion of number 2?
suke cte problem kat aku, then ak tlg laa solve sket2..hahaha

Question 14 : What is your fav memory with number 5?
too much...there'd been lots of moment...n every moment was cherishable!

Question 15 : What would you do if number 1 going out with number 2?
let just say it's not gonna happen...they don't even know each other!!

Question 16 : ever had a long conversation with number 5?
yes! of course...merepek & merapu sambil study's conversation..

Question 17 : have you ever slept at number 2's house?
ermmm....not yet...kinda far from my house

Question 18 : Do you hang out with number 3 often
in reality? no....but we do always meet in 1991 forum....
replying each other's post.....
believe me, ktowg lagy byk merepk dr membincangkan topik yg sepatutnye....
*aku gna jwpn ko je laa ek kiko macheda*

Question 19 : Who do you known the longest?
num 1, 2 and 5

Question 20 : How often do you talk to number 1?
slalu gak laa....

Question 21 : What about number 2?
lbey kurang skrg da jarang (sbb ak malas top up kredit)

Question 22 : Have you ever thought 3 more than a friend? laaa..kami bru sgt berkawan...
*pinjam skali lg jwpn ko ekk*

Question 23 : May be you want to go out for a date with number 5?
date? no way..hahaha..he's a boy!!

Question 24 : Do you dream about number 2?
i dun know wut dream i had everyday (or maybe i'm not dreaming at all)

Question 25 : What did number 4 did to you that you never forget?
doin'g wut...hahaha..always merepek & merapu...haha

Question 26 : What have you done to number 1 that he/she never forget?
lots! ty dy sendiri laa

Question 27 : What is number 3's hobby?
merepek, spam dlam forum's thread, out topic dll
*cik Ika @ kiko macheda*

who do you want to tag : YB Annas, YB Faizfarhan, YB Baihaqi, YB Yaqzan YB Sajeedah, YB Eida, YB Syera, YB Nazierahfullstop...


*ika* said... [Reply to comment]

encik didapati meniru dlm peperiksaa...ceis!
cilok jwpn akuh..mne bley...XP

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

aku da pena buat!

Ruh Al-Jadid (روح الجديد) said... [Reply to comment]

to ika..

haha..ak maleh nk taip byk2

to jeed..

ko da wt k??

Annas Alias said... [Reply to comment]

wawawa. badru at-tamam. lame x jumpe.
kalu jumpe die kim salam, kies.
tag ni nanti2 skit aku wat.

wawan said... [Reply to comment]

ada nama aku kat situ..

-syahirazmi- said... [Reply to comment]

aku bukan nk hampakan kau tau!
tapi aku sudah buat tag tu.

*p.s:pehal aku tulis penuh nih?


aku x sngke ley jd YB.
saham tinggi woo~

Syahiran said... [Reply to comment]

bgga n terharu siot..