Jun 14, 2009

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Business Management...group task

Esok nak kena bentang da task untuk Business Management...nie group task..termasuk dalam coursework gak laa...hahaha..kna wt btol2 kot nih..hehehe..asal ad kot lak nih???

btol laa kna wt bol2 kan...hehehe

Task 1
Provide example of business & briefly discuss its stakeholders.

Task 2
Give an example of a business and briefly discuss its business environment.

Hahaha....tak susah tp nk reka ayat 2 agak nyusahkan diri gak laa..hehehe


areyouserius said... [Reply to comment]

wahhh..hebatlah assignment korang...
sumenye business...

do your best!..mana tahu rezeki ade kat salah satu company besar tu...insya-Allah...

Firas said... [Reply to comment]

powerpoint 07?
i can c u want 2 make da 3d effects
nak komen skit
warne yg pertame tuh
kurang mnonjol
n drpd wat tajuk dlm bntk point
rasenye lawa lg kalo ltak kt center

ak seperti bese...
jgn mara ek.

Ruh Al-Jadid (روح الجديد) said... [Reply to comment]

hahahaha....actually the design or the allignment was not very important 4 dis assignment.

Juz wanna brief the main idea & some concepts...it would be juz a simple slide but we can read it well even from distance. That's what my lecturer said.

The thumbnails was also only the draft of the whole presentation. Juz wanna give some idea of wut i wanna tell for the post..hehehe

Syuhaidah said... [Reply to comment]

salam..skrg study kat ne???

Ruh Al-Jadid (روح الجديد) said... [Reply to comment]

ow...skrg study di UTP

EmberPen said... [Reply to comment]

nk ana tlg ke utk keje ni?
ke dh expired? haha

Ruh Al-Jadid (روح الجديد) said... [Reply to comment]

da expired da muhd...hehehe